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Standard Shipping - 24*7 Customer Support - 100% satisfaction guaranteed

MOREC EV AC-Ladestation, wandmontierte Lade-Wallbox mit Steckdose

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With a maximum charging power of 22KW, it comes with a built-in charging socket that can be paired with various charging cables. The charger features an IP66 waterproof rating and is equipped with a Type A+6mADC RCD for enhanced safety. Enjoy convenient and reliable charging with Morec's MC20A charger.

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While TPU material may come at a higher cost, it offers superior quality and durability. providing reliable and efficient charging for your EV.

LED display

The display screen provides the ability to show current, voltage, and temperature, offering the advantage of real-time monitoring and information display.

IP66 waterproof

High waterproof rating ensures excellent performance even in harsh outdoor conditions with wind and rain.


The socket features a self-cleaning mechanism that removes dust and debris during insertion and removal.

How does MOREC achieve fast charging?

Our charger is equipped with an intelligent chip that enables more frequent and precise communication with the electric vehicle's battery during charging. This allows us to accurately monitor the battery's charging status and adjust the charging strategy accordingly, resulting in faster charging times for the vehicle.

The newly upgraded RCD

Our electric vehicle charger features an advanced Type A+6mA DC residual current device (RCD), offering superior safety and compatibility for electric vehicle charging. With enhanced detection of small leakage currents and suitability for various electrical systems, it ensures reliable and protected charging.

Why does Morec provide battery protection?

Our charger protects the car battery, prolonging its lifespan. Intelligent charging algorithms optimize the process, while temperature control prevents overheating. Stable voltage and current minimize damage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Borne 32 A monophasé

Colis reçus plus vite qu'annonce.
Installation facile, cable attaché à ma borne de 1 mètres, suffisant pour mon installation branchement direct dans les disjoncteurs approprié.
Norme française oblige, c'est un peu embêtant de devoir replié le câble de la voiture à chaque fois et le remettre dans le coffre. Un câble attaché est plus pratique mais normes de sécurité Française oblige... je pense acheter un 2eme câble a laisser sur la borne.
Recharge mon véhicule a 6,7 kw.
Essayé ma voiture sur 2 autres bornes et même puissance.
Installation facile.
Prévoir le câblage adéquat et disjoncteur du tableau a la borne.
Je recommande.

eric portet
Installation borne

Colis bien reçu tres bien emballé rien a dire installation aisées produit de qualités
(Attention prévoir dégagement nécessaire pour visser les écrous latéraux)

Sehr gute Wallbox zur einfachen Installation.

Sehr gute Wallbox zur einfachen Installation. Wir haben diese an einer 32A CEE Steckdose angeschlossen und sie funktioniert einwandfrei. Alles wichtige wird angezeigt und auch die Inbetriebnahme hielt keine Überraschungen bereit.

Heiko König
7 Sterne+++

Die Box ist perfekt für den Einsatz zu Hause. Ich habe die Box mit einem cce Stecker komplettiert und betreibe sie nun an einer 16A Steckdose. Das Display zeigt alle relevanten Daten an, wie Spannung, Ladeleistung und Temperatur. Die Steckdose ist sehr robust. Die Wahlbox sieht sehr gut aus, Hochglanz Optik.

Overall good

Pricing and shipping were alright.

However, paying was a bit hard to do as I had to register a PayPal account, add a credit card, get it approved, etc.

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