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Standard Shipping - 24*7 Customer Support - 100% satisfaction guaranteed

MOREC EV IEC 62196-2 AC charging station, wall-mounted Charging wallbox with type 2 cable, Max 7.2/22KW

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With a maximum charging power of 22KW, it comes equipped with a built-in Type 2 charging cable. The charger boasts an IP66 waterproof rating and features a Type A+6mADC RCD for enhanced safety. Experience efficient and reliable charging with Morec's MC20C charger.

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Upgraded Sleeve

The tight locking of the rear sheath ensures secure cable connection, preventing it from loosening.

LED display

The display screen provides the ability to show current, voltage, and temperature, offering the advantage of real-time monitoring and information display.

IP66 waterproof

High waterproof rating ensures excellent performance even in harsh outdoor conditions with wind and rain.


The plug features a self-cleaning mechanism that removes dust and debris during insertion and removal.

How does MOREC achieve fast charging?

Our charger is equipped with an intelligent chip that enables more frequent and precise communication with the electric vehicle's battery during charging. This allows us to accurately monitor the battery's charging status and adjust the charging strategy accordingly, resulting in faster charging times for the vehicle.

The newly upgraded RCD

Our electric vehicle charger features an advanced Type A+6mA DC residual current device (RCD), offering superior safety and compatibility for electric vehicle charging. With enhanced detection of small leakage currents and suitability for various electrical systems, it ensures reliable and protected charging.

Why does Morec provide battery protection?

Our charger protects the car battery, prolonging its lifespan. Intelligent charging algorithms optimize the process, while temperature control prevents overheating. Stable voltage and current minimize damage.

Customer Reviews

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Livraison en 3 jours au lieu de 5 annoncés lors de la commande.
Installation très facile malgré les embouts manquants sur le câble d'alimentation avec 1 inter différentiel 40A 30 ma type A et 1 disjoncteur 40A. Mise en fonctionnement sans problème avec une puissance initiale d'environ 1,6 KW. Après chargement de l'application EVSEMaster, le courant de charge est facilement réglable entre 0 et 32 A sur le smartphone et reste à la valeur enregistrée pour les charges suivantes. Très satisfait pour le moment après 2 charges sur Kia EV6.

sebastien Leite
Très bon produit

Très efficace, chargement e208 ou il reste 80 km d autonomie en 5h max je recommande fortement


Das Display ist sehr übersichtlich, ich kann viele Ladeinformationen sehen, ich kann mein Auto sehr schnell vollständig aufladen, ich bin sehr zufrieden!


Ich habe es meinem Freund gegeben, er sagte, er mag es, die Ladegeschwindigkeit ist sehr schnell und die Qualität ist sehr gut

Gene Dorsett

Ich mag es sehr, das Display ist sehr groß, es ist sehr klar und die Erfahrung ist sehr gut!

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