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Tela LCD grande e cabo longo Grande display LCD para mostrar todos os dados do carro na estação de carregamento durante o carregamento. Você pode ver o status de carregamento, incluindo corrente, tensão e temperatura. Os paraf...
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Controle de APP Este é um carregador de parede APP para veículos elétricos e adequado para uso doméstico. Isso é fácil de instalar. O APP pode exibir corrente, consumo e outros parâmetros de carregamento detalhados. Esses parâm...
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Tela LCD Projetada com display LCD, esta estação de carregamento EV mostrará todos os dados do seu carro durante o carregamento. Você pode ver as informações de carregamento, incluindo corrente, tensão e temperatura. Alta com...
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Tela LCD Projetada com display LCD, esta estação de carregamento EV mostrará todos os dados do seu carro durante o carregamento. Você pode ver as informações de carregamento, incluindo corrente, tensão e temperatura. Alta co...
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LCD DisplayDesigned with LCD display, this EV charging station will show all data of your car during charging. You can see the charging information including current, voltage and temperature. High CompatibilityThis EV charger ...
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Morec EV Charging Stations

Choosing an EV Charging Station

Selecting an EV charging station for your electric vehicle can often be a perplexing decision, especially if you lack prior knowledge about electric vehicle charging. This short article aims to guide you on how to choose the right EV charging station.

Basic EV Charging Station

Basic EV charging stations are straightforward to operate, with a simple button on/off control. They are budget-friendly, but they have limitations such as the inability to control the charging indoors or remotely, and the risk of unauthorized access. For added security, we recommend installing them in your garage where access can be controlled.

App-Enabled EV Charging Stations

App-enabled EV charging stations are the smartest options available in the market today. You can link them to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for remote control. The advantages include smartphone-based control, real-time charging data viewing, including charging records, frequency, and time. You can even schedule charging times for cost savings. However, they tend to be pricier.

RFID-Enabled EV Charging Stations

RFID-enabled EV charging stations are controlled via smart cards, similar to keyless entry for vehicles. Our RFID-enabled stations come with five cards, ensuring secure access control. This option is suitable for locations like hotels or public charging stations, offering enhanced security compared to basic models.

AC Charging Stations

All our EV charging stations are AC charging stations with charging speeds typically ranging from 3-22 kW. They are designed for home circuits, providing a stable and safe charging environment for your electric vehicle. In the long run, AC charging stations are more battery-friendly and can effectively extend battery life.

Fast DC Charging Stations

Fast DC charging stations, commonly located in public areas, use direct current (DC) rather than alternating current (AC), which allows for higher power delivery. These stations can significantly reduce charging times, enabling electric vehicles to reach an 80% charge in about 30 minutes. However, because of their substantial power requirements, they are typically not installed in residential areas. Instead, you'll often find them near shopping centers and highways, providing convenient charging options for electric vehicle owners.

It's important to note that frequent use of fast charging may affect the overall lifespan of the vehicle's battery. As a result, we recommend utilizing home charging stations whenever possible.

Home Charging Stations

Survey data consistently shows that the majority of electric vehicle owners prefer to charge their vehicles at home. We offer two types of home charging stations: T2 socket charging stations and Type 2 plug-in charging stations.

T2 socket stations offer flexibility by allowing you to choose between T2 and T1 charging cables, making them compatible with various vehicle types. On the other hand, T2 plug-in stations come equipped with a built-in T2 plug, ensuring compatibility with all IEC-62196-1 standard electric vehicles.

Installation Considerations

Before proceeding with the installation of a hardwired home charging station, it is essential to consult a licensed electrician. They can assess whether your home's electrical system can support additional charging infrastructure or if any electrical upgrades are required.

The cost of installation can vary based on factors such as the desired charger location and the necessary upgrades to your electrical panel. In general, more complex installations, especially those far from the power source (e.g., in a detached garage), may involve additional wiring and incur higher expenses. It's advisable to be prepared for such potential additional costs.

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